HiFi Gaming Society’s Guild System

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7 min readMay 11, 2022

HiFi Gaming Society’s Guild System

At HiFi, we look for ways to improve systems within our HiFi-Verse. Most guild operations stemming from popular P2E games are cumbersome. They don’t consider the administrators of guild operation systems and this causes inherent risk and inefficiency. When reviewing our guild operations in the P2E market we looked for ways to offer a system serving the guild administrators and scholars upholding the higher quality standards users are accustomed to with HiFi Gaming Society’s quality-driven approach.

Our guild system facilitates the process of creating or joining a guild and will help HiFiVers earn even more $HIFI by enlisting scholars, simultaneously, while providing the administrative workflow functionality any hiring manager would expect. After all, our 50-ish video gaming earning platform is also an out of the box employment system for any region looking to stimulate their economic growth through gaming.

The guild system requires ownership of an ‘Into The HiFiVerse’ NFT and below are the steps you can take on your way to earning as a new user, guild, or scholar with our HiFi gaming platform.

Step 1: The into The HiFiVerse NFT!

There are 1000 NFT’s (6 different tiers) in our first collection. We’ve released less than half of the entire collection. The best place to review all of our NFTS is on our platform at https://hifigamingsociety.org/nfts.

We were humbled when invited to list our first collection on 4 popular NFT marketplaces on the Binance Chain. Once you acquire your first NFT, you’ll need to begin leveling it up to increase your ability to onboard more scholars (who will earn for you). This is accomplished by staking $HIFI as collateral against your NFT.

You can buy one of our NFTS on one of these amazing marketplaces. We’ll be listing higher tiered NFTs over the coming weeks.

PancakeSwap NFT Marketplace: https://pancakeswap.finance/nfts/collections/0x3E8bb868753357be4492958A8f63dfa29432996D

NFTKey: https://nftkey.app/collections/intothehifiverse/

Liquid Collectibles: https://liquidcollectibles.io/collection/0x3e8bb868753357be4492958a8f63dfa29432996d

The Bull Society Marketplace: https://www.thebullsoc.com/marketplace/0x3e8bb868753357be4492958a8f63dfa29432996d

Analytics: https://www.rareboard.com/hifi

More information about these NFT’s, how and why to level them can be found in this article : https://hifigamingsociety.medium.com/how-to-level-up-hifi-nfts-fc91d8b19fa3

The key takeaways from the article above are as follows:

  • Each tier of NFT’s unlocks scholar slots by being leveled up
  • The higher the tier, the more scholar slots can be unlocked
  • Leveling is done by staking $HIFI against the NFT (unlocked or locked for 3,6 or 9 months with multipliers)
  • Leveling speed is the same for all tiers
  • One wallet can own multiple NFT’s and combine the scholar slot

Go to step 2 AFTER you have purchased your NFT (and started leveling it).

Step 2 : Join a guild or create a guild

Once you own one of our NFT’s and have connected it to our platform on https://hifigamingsociety.org, you should click on the guild menu. This will take you to the screen that enables you to create or join a guild and facilitate scholars:

What’s different between creating or joining a guild….?

Creating a Guild

When you start your own guild, two functions will become available :

  1. Guild management functions
  • As a guild owner, you can manage your own guild or you can assign a ‘guild manager’.
  • If you assign a guild manager, he/she will manage all scholar slots in the guild (for all members) and will take a commission of all earnings for doing this.
  • As a guild owner, you decide how high this commission is. All members of the guild will need to accept these conditions upon joining.

2. NFT scholar slots management

As stated above, scholar slots will be managed by the guild owner or his guild manager. To manage scholar slots, you can do several things:

  1. Invite scholars through an invite system
  2. List an opening for a scholar slot in the ‘Tavern’ (The place where Guild meets scholar)
  3. Join a guild

When joining an existing guild, you essentially outsource the NFT scholar slots management to this guild. The guild will decide if and how much they will take as a commission for utilizing your scholar slots and it’s up to you to either accept or refuse these terms.

After you join a guild, your NFT slots will get filled up (by you and/or the guild manager) and you will start earning from your scholar slots. In this case you earn a percentage of scholar earnings minus the guild (manager) fee.

Step 3 : Enlist your scholars (Invites or Tavern)

Once you have completed step 2, you’ll have access to the scholar management system. There are 2 basic ways to enlist scholars:

  • Direct Invite

There is an invite module on our platform that allows you to directly invite any free player to fill up one of your scholar slots.

Direct invite
  • The Tavern

In the Tavern you can post a ‘job offer’ where you describe how many scholars you are looking to recruit and what the conditions will be.

In both cases, you will decide the % the scholar will get to keep from all of his earnings.

Step 4 : Earn $HIFI

We don’t need to explain how these mechanics will make an NFT owner earn tons of $HIFI. As guilds onboard and with the mechanics we outlined above it can easily be assumed that HiFi and the NFT’s will become more rare as more people compete for the resources/rewards, and with rarity comes increased value of the precious $HIFI.

All calculations and all $HIFI distribution will be fully automatic and will be processed daily. This means you don’t have to worry for a single second about paying scholars, or renting out NFT’s. Everything is yours and all earnings are automatic so everyone will be happy 😊 while they sit back and get to play some games. (unless you just want others to play games for you😉)

So what if you’re a scholar ?

A scholar will be a free player (no staking required to earn $HIFI) that either gets an invitation by an NFT owner/guild or reacts to a ‘job offer’ in the tavern.

The way an active scholar earns is similar to a HiFiVer and is described in this medium article: https://hifigamingsociety.medium.com/hifi-play-and-earn-w-nfts-2b76ed432067

An overview of the roles in these dynamics:

  • The NFT owner 💰

The NFT owner owns an ‘Into The HiFiVerse’ NFT. This NFT will have scholar slots available but they can only be used if this NFT owner starts a guild or joins a guild.

  • The Guild Owner 👑

The guild owner is an NFT owner that starts his own guild. He can own multiple NFT’s and choose to work alone or allow a manager and members to do this within the guild. The guild then chooses if it delivers a paid management service to it’s members or not. A guild can be compared to a ‘clan’ but with the benefits of allowing scholar enlisting and management.

  • The Guild Manager 💪

The guild manager can be anyone with a wallet. He/she will manage scholar slots on all NFT’s that are in the guild and he/she will earn a commission on all earnings generated by these scholar slots.

  • The Guild Member 🤺

The guild member is an NFT owner that has joined a guild. He’ll have access to scholar management but his guild manager will most likely manage his scholar slots for him and might take a commission for doing so.

  • The Scholar 🧑‍🏭

The scholar is a free player that doesn’t own an NFT or enough $HIFI to be a full earner. He will earn $HIFI because of his contract with a guild/guild member. He will share earnings with them.

So those are the basics. Its always more fun to play games with a friend/team/guild so that’s what we have built out for you. So whose guild will be the best? I have my thoughts…

See you in the HiFi Verse. Game On.….and here is a teaser for our second NFT collection.