HiFi Gaming Society’s Guild System

HiFi Gaming Society’s Guild System

Step 1: The into The HiFiVerse NFT!

There are 1000 NFT’s (6 different tiers) in our first collection. We’ve released less than half of the entire collection. The best place to review all of our NFTS is on our platform at https://hifigamingsociety.org/nfts.

  • Each tier of NFT’s unlocks scholar slots by being leveled up
  • The higher the tier, the more scholar slots can be unlocked
  • Leveling is done by staking $HIFI against the NFT (unlocked or locked for 3,6 or 9 months with multipliers)
  • Leveling speed is the same for all tiers
  • One wallet can own multiple NFT’s and combine the scholar slot

Step 2 : Join a guild or create a guild

Once you own one of our NFT’s and have connected it to our platform on https://hifigamingsociety.org, you should click on the guild menu. This will take you to the screen that enables you to create or join a guild and facilitate scholars:

What’s different between creating or joining a guild….?

Creating a Guild

  1. Guild management functions
  • As a guild owner, you can manage your own guild or you can assign a ‘guild manager’.
  • If you assign a guild manager, he/she will manage all scholar slots in the guild (for all members) and will take a commission of all earnings for doing this.
  • As a guild owner, you decide how high this commission is. All members of the guild will need to accept these conditions upon joining.
  1. Invite scholars through an invite system
  2. List an opening for a scholar slot in the ‘Tavern’ (The place where Guild meets scholar)
  3. Join a guild

Step 3 : Enlist your scholars (Invites or Tavern)

Once you have completed step 2, you’ll have access to the scholar management system. There are 2 basic ways to enlist scholars:

  • Direct Invite
Direct invite
  • The Tavern

Step 4 : Earn $HIFI

We don’t need to explain how these mechanics will make an NFT owner earn tons of $HIFI. As guilds onboard and with the mechanics we outlined above it can easily be assumed that HiFi and the NFT’s will become more rare as more people compete for the resources/rewards, and with rarity comes increased value of the precious $HIFI.

So what if you’re a scholar ?

A scholar will be a free player (no staking required to earn $HIFI) that either gets an invitation by an NFT owner/guild or reacts to a ‘job offer’ in the tavern.

  • The NFT owner 💰
  • The Guild Owner 👑
  • The Guild Manager 💪
  • The Guild Member 🤺
  • The Scholar 🧑‍🏭



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