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3 min readMar 10, 2022

How to Play To Earn $HIFI on HifiGamingSociety.org

NFT gaming and Play 2 Earn gameplay invites different users who want to earn according to their unique and competitive gaming patterns.

  1. Free To Play User (Eligible for daily raffle to win $HIFI)
    *No requirement beyond connecting your wallet

2. Full Earner

a) HiFiver (75k $HIFI staked, equal to ~ $60 BUSD)


b) NFT Owner (Into The HiFiverse NFT in wallet)

These new earning models will utilize several mechanics.

So how is this different than the current model?

Each Merit gives the player an equal share of the earnings pool, while each Raffle Ticket will gives the player a chance of getting a share of the earnings pool. A Merit is guaranteed and a Raffle Ticket is a chance to win.

So that means, with every new player, less $HIFI will be made but the more it will be worth! This means the actual value of the daily earnings will remain relatively stable.


To be eligible to earn Merits, a player needs to be a Full Earner, so either you have staked 75k $HIFI in ‘Earn, or you possess an ‘Into The HiFiVerse’ NFT. These players can earn ‘Merits’ by performing daily missions (1 mission gives the player 1 Merit). The maximum amount of Merits a player can currently earn in a day is 5.

So here’s an example (fictive amounts):

500 players x 5 Merits = 2500 Merits

Rewards pool = 200.000 $HIFI

1 Merit = 215.000 $HIFI / 2500 Merits = 80 $HIFI

1 player with 5 Merits = 400 $HIFI

Raffle Tickets

Only ‘Free To Play’ players earn Raffle Tickets. Just like Merits, Raffle Tickets are earned by performing daily missions. The maximum amount of Raffle Tickets a player can earn in a day is 5. The biggest difference between Merits and Raffle Tickets is that Raffle Tickets don’t directly give players a claim on the earnings pool.

Instead, we will draw only 1 lucky winner each day, who wins the full daily amount of the raffle. The size of this share depends on the amount of players that enter the daily raffle, but the maximum will be capped at 10,000 $HIFI.

APR on staked $HiFi

Only HiFivers earn APR on staked $HIFI if they earn at least 1 Merit every day. So every day a HiFiver earns at least 1 Merit, he/she gets a daily profit. To become a HiFiver, you need to stake at least 75k $HIFI in earn. Once you are staked you become a full earner and can start raking in that sweet APR.

Below you can find an overview of all we described in this article:

So those are the basics of the changes to look forward to. We promised it would be brief.

We want to thank you again for being apart of this journey into the HiFiverse and we will see you online.