How to Level Up HIFI NFTs

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5 min readApr 5, 2022

And why…..

Some big news is headed your way directly from the HiFi-Verse. In our much anticipated next release, NFT staking functionality will go live. With that being said, Let’s discuss how to level ‘Into The HiFiVerse’ NFTs’ and how you can benefit from it 😊.

Why would you level up an NFT ?

First of all : any NFT will hold its level, regardless of the owner and staking conditions. An earned level will never be lost. This obviously means that our ‘Into The HiFiVerse’ NFTs will gain a lot in value when leveled and this is why…

Guilds or Future Guilds :

The higher the level of the NFT, the more scholar slots it will have unlocked. This means the owner can enlist a scholar for each available slot. This scholar will be able to earn up to 5 Merits each day, claiming a share of the daily $HIFI prize pool. This share will be split between the NFT holder/Guild and the scholar. So yeah, the more scholar slots, the more $HIFI you will earn each day!

If you’re an investor:

Considering that it takes time & HiFi to level up an NFT, pre-leveled NFTs will be sold to guilds that are looking to enter the ecosystem that directly want to start earning with a team of scholars.
Your HiFi now has an additional use that allows you to earn BNB by flipping leveled up NFTs to guilds looking to enter
If you hold one or more pre-leveled NFTs, you’ll be making amazing profits by selling them.

But… there is actually another cool way to make money here… More about that below 😉

The properties of the ‘Into The HiFiVerse’ collection

This unique collection consists of 6 tiers of NFTs. All NFTs will have at least 1 scholar slot available at level 1 but they’ll have a different max potential and different evolution.

An overview :

Using the NFT section on our platform

When you connect to our platform, you will be able to access our new ‘NFT’ section.

A quick overview of this page:

The NFTs:

You will see ALL ‘Into the HiFiverse’ NFTs listed on our platform.
Some of them will be up for sale, others won’t, we don’t yet have a marketplace so we’ve added links to all the current marketplaces where they are listed.

You’ll also be able to see:

  • Tier
  • Level
  • Amount of scholars unlocked
  • A direct link to this NFT on our different marketplaces

You can also filter by:

  • Level
  • Current scholars unlocked
  • Max scholars (fixed, depending on the tier)
  • Tier

NFT “More Info” screen

  • NFT properties
  • Level (+ expandable overview of the perks/slots an NFT gets with each level — click on the icon next to level)
  • Currently enabled scholar slots
  • Max scholar slots
  • Staking status
  • Total HiFi staked against an NFT

How to level up an ‘Into the HiFiverse NFT’

When you own one of our fantastic NFTs, you need to make sure that the NFT is in the wallet you use on our gaming platform. Then select your NFT in the list (or just highlight the ‘Only Owned’ checkbox), you can find the staking menu under ‘more info’.

Formula for XP: $HiFi staked * time * staking option bonus

Factors that level an NFT:

  • Amount of $HIFI staked x time = EXP

The more $HIFI you stake against an NFT, the more XP you earn and the faster you level up. This leveling is based on a linear curve so there is no ‘sweet spot’, no minimum and no maximum. Anyone can level his/her NFT on his own terms.

Also, make sure you utilize the compounding effect by locking earned $HiFi back into your NFT for the best returns possible. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Staking option

There will be multiple staking options against an NFT, each comes with its owned vesting period and bonus XP. The option for no locking is always there, but you’ll not be rewarded with bonus XP.

If you decide to utilize locked staking, you will be rewarded with a multiplier. This is a fixed % of bonus EXP you will earn compared to unlocked staking.

This bonus is designed to help everyone but in particular it helps those who have smaller amounts of $HiFi. This mechanic helps balance the playing field in a way and can literally cut your NFT leveling in half. The more $HiFi you earn and then stake back against your NFT, the faster it levels.

So make sure you utilize the compounding effect by locking earned $HiFi back into your NFT for the best returns possible. 🔥🔥🔥


Question : What if you locked $HIFI against an NFT that you sell?

Answer: Any $HIFI you lock, stays yours. However, locked is locked. So this ensures that the buyer will have to compensate you for this 😊

Example :

You have locked 1.000.000 $HIFI against an NFT you decide to sell. The buyer will be able to see exactly what the impact is of your locked staking. This means that the NFT will be a lot more valuable than an NFT with no staked $HIFI against it. You can adjust your asking price based on the added value the staked HiFi brings to the NFT over time.

  • You get to keep the $HiFi
  • You get BNB from the sale of an NFT
  • And you get additional BNB based on your $HiFi that is staked against the NFT. You actually get your ROI paid up front! Pretty sweet….

That’s the basics of what is coming for you, HiFiverse Survivors. Its time to pillage and reap your rewards.

As we’ve said before. Get. Your. Game. On.