The ways to earn on HiFi Gaming Society in a nutshell

HiFi Gaming Society
2 min readMay 29, 2022


1. Getting started

The HiFi Gaming Society platform works on PC and mobile through Metamask or Trustwallet. These are the conditions to start playing and earning on HiFi Gaming Society:

1. You need to create or own a wallet on Metamask or Trustwallet

2. You should have a minimal amount of BNB to pay gas fees

3. Connect your wallet to our platform on

2. How to earn

a. Becoming a full earner

A full earner is a player/gamer that plays and earns. You can become a full earner in 2 ways :

1) Buy and stake 75k $HIFI

You can buy $HIFI at apeswap.

2) Buy an ‘Into The HiFiVerse’ NFT

If you buy an NFT of this collection, all earning mechanics will be unlocked for you. However, there is a lot more you can do with that NFT. More about that below.

You can buy these NFTs on 4 marketplaces :

- NFT Key

- Pancakeswap

- The Bull Society

- Liquid Collectibles

b. Become a guild

A guild is a ‘Into The HiFiVerse’ NFT owner that registers scholars on his free NFT slots. The guild decides the earning split between guild and scholar. You can find all details on these mechanics in this article.

c. Become a scholar

You can become a scholar buy accepting an offer from a guild. You can find a guild through our ‘tavern’.

d. Win the daily raffle as a free player

If you have fulfilled the conditions described in step 1, you can just earn Raffle tickets on our platform and you will have a chance of winning the daily raffle.