The Importance of Developing Core Values for Web3 Companies and Stakeholders

HiFi Gaming Society
3 min readDec 9, 2022


The development of core values is crucial for companies and stakeholders getting involved with web3 innovation. By embedding transparency, openness, and honesty into the foundation of a company, web3 has the potential to create a more trustworthy and fair business environment. However, there are still bad actors who use their position of power to take advantage of others, and this can undermine the benefits of web3.

One example of this is the recent controversy surrounding the crypto exchange FTX and its CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried. Bankman-Fried has been accused of using his position of power to manipulate the market for personal gain, leading to allegations of greed and corruption. This is a clear example of what can happen when a company lacks a strong set of core values and lacks accountability.

In order for the web3 industry to thrive, it is important for companies to operate with integrity and honor. This means establishing clear values that guide decision-making and motivate ecosystem contributors. It also means being transparent and accountable, so that bad actors cannot abuse their power.

At HiFi Gaming Society, we take this approach to heart. Our culture is built on the core values of unity, sharing, safety, security, and vibrancy.

Unity: Having a strong sense of unity among employees and stakeholders can help a web3 gaming company work towards a common goal and improve collaboration and cooperation. This can lead to better decision making, increased efficiency, and overall success for the company.

Sharing: A culture of sharing can foster a sense of community and inclusivity within a web3 gaming company. This can help to create a positive working environment, attract top talent, and ultimately drive innovation and growth.

Safety: Ensuring the safety of players and employees is essential for a web3 gaming company. This includes protecting sensitive personal and financial information, as well as providing a secure platform for online gaming.

Security: In the world of online gaming, security is crucial. A web3 gaming company must implement strong security measures to protect against hacking and other cyber threats, as well as ensure the integrity of the games and the fairness of gameplay.

Vibrancy: A vibrant and lively company culture can help to motivate and inspire employees, as well as attract and retain customers. This can include hosting events and activities, providing opportunities for personal and professional growth, and fostering a sense of excitement and energy within the company.

These values guide our decision-making and help us create a more inclusive and supportive environment for our community of gamers.

I have personally seen the impact of strong core values in action. In my time at Zappos, CEO Tony Hsieh pioneered the development of core values as a way to enrich the company’s culture. This led to Zappos providing an exceptional customer experience, which in turn led to Amazon’s acquisition of the company for $1 billion. This demonstrates the potential impact of maximizing stakeholder investment in a sustainable way.

If the web3 industry does not take the importance of business values seriously, we risk losing the opportunity to build on the innovation of web3. It is up to thought leaders like HiFi Gaming Society to provide guidance and set the standard for how companies in the web3 space should operate. By doing so, we can create a healthier and more trustworthy ecosystem for all stakeholders. If you are interested in learning more, please connect with us on Twitter at