Role-Playing NFTs get you into the HiFiVerse+


You can engage our ecosystem through our HiFi Gaming platform, our upcoming utility-based NFT collection “Into the HiFi Verse", and HiFiTV soon to be revealed.

Our social networks include Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Twitch/YouTube (soon), and your relationship with HIFI is based on reputation and participation levels inside these ecosystems. Whether you game, create art, yield farm, invest, develop games, collect NFTs, build products, innovate, modulate, network, fund, or celebrate the joy of gaming, we need your help to expand the HiFiVerse.

Roles in the MetaVerse Landscape

What is the HiFiVerse? Put on your meta-gear and let’s go for a ride!

The HiFi Verse is our envisioned home-world and the HiFiver community’s ultimate quest is to find a way in. That’s the adventure!! You’ll need an avatar comprised of attributes from upcoming NFT collections. Later, you’ll merge these assets to gain possession of the AR map showing you the passage way.

Let’s pause for a moment and talk about the meta state of verse.

Isn’t it trendy to say you are building a metaverse? Everyone in DeFi/GameFi seems to be building their version of a clone-like Metaverse and most products invite their users into the Metaverse before establishing an ecosystem of roles driving value. Without established patterns driving value chains inside the ecosystem, what’s the point? .So again, what do you do when you get inside the hundreds of metaverses currently in development?

When I explore the modern Metaverse, personally, I get a video conference app vibe and I can’t tell the difference from one to the other. Then, Zoom comes along and does it slightly different. My point is Metaverses all feel generic now.

The metaverse today reminds me of AOL in the dot com boom but users truly want experiences equivalent to the MySpace, Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, or TikTok experience.

However, HIFI can still benefit by partnering with the current metaverse landscape by integrating HiFi arcades. In fact, this is a powerful use case for HIFI-as-a-service we’ll be developing for all DeFi products interested in GameFi but not able to do so with their current token structure.

More on GameFi-as-a-service later but know we are developing the concept and we’ll make it a (virtual) reality inside DeFi partnerships’ native environment feeding HIFI and native token economies.


What is your role in HIFI?

Let’s think about our role as users in a Metaverse. Doesn’t it make sense to build the behavior patterns users will participate in (experiences) that will grow value inside the Metaverse first?

What would quests look like for the following roles?

  • Early Adopter (Big Risk Takers and True Believers)
  • Gamer (Player)
  • Farmer (Yield Master)
  • NFT Collector (NFT Connoisseur)
  • Investor (Investor Syndicate and Whales)
  • Game Masters (HIFI Gamers with High Score Records)
  • Creator (Gaming Developer)
  • NFT Artist (NFT Creator)
  • VIP (HiFi Society Member)
  • BUIDLERS (HiFi Society Creators)

Stay tuned! In the meantime, Wanna play a game, HiFiver?



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