Play-2-Earn wisdom for off-chain gamers

HiFi Gaming Society
5 min readJul 30, 2022

Around a year and a half ago I had an idea about combining crypto and gaming. How can we get back the value in time, energy, and commitment we invest into games and gaming communities? Is it possible to earn income by following our passion for playing video games? I wasn’t the only one imagining a return on investment for playing video games. Many were thinking about playing to earn in the same vein like when bitcoin miners earn BTC for processing and validating transactions.

Within a few months into 2021, “Play 2 Earn” and “GameFi” became the newest innovation in blockchain technology. Hundreds of play-to-earn (P2E) games were getting built. This led to over 23K guilds forming to deploy gamers, around 2M to be precise, toward the most popular P2E games where you could earn crypto while playing games. Axie Infinity becoming the bellwether and validator for investing in the newly born sector of GameFi.

Were any of the P2E games fun to play? Absolutely NOT!

If you talked to any of the gamers, they would call earning a grind. One year later — the idea of playing games and earning had made quite a splash, added controversy, and the critics are still debating the merits of web3 gaming.

At, our optics went through the looking glass into an enormous gaming market and we experimented by building around 40 unity-based games currently active for earnings and competitions on our web3 gaming platform. This included retro games, mobile games, and we eventually shifted toward learning how to onboard off-chain gamers and gaming libraries. Before we go there… let’s put things into perspective about how big the market is for offchain gaming and our subsector….

The global gaming market is $300 Billion.

The global decentralized finance gaming market is $160 Billion and penetrating just 5% of the DeFi gaming market would generate $8 Billion.

There are many questions about web3 gaming prompting our industry and challenging game developers for more mature solutions. Media makes us look bad and off chain gamers aren’t happy with us. Off chain gamers balked at web3-driven, blockchain gaming environments where value is a new layer of consideration in the gamer’s mindset. Another development happened with NFT Gaming. Web3 gaming platforms started integrating Non Fungible Tokens aka NFTs to drive value-generating workflows inside the games. NFTs combine new workflows around a gamers unique journey enabling the gamer to do things inside games never possible but it’s still confusing for the average gamer! More research and development is needed.

Here is a utility chart to show you many different utilities for NFTs you may not realize beyond the infamous and incorrect “copyable JPEG” example. You might have heard the word “metaverse.” Well, metaverses have a long way to go but imagine creating gamified experiences inside gaming platforms and metaverses inclusive of NFT utilities like these:

So..after a year of research and development in play-to-earn, play and earn, gamefi, move-to-earn, x-to-earn, what is it all about? What is the punchline?

Gamers enjoy playing games that are actually fun! Gamers also enjoy multiplayer aspects enabling shared experiences within competitions inside these gaming communities! You would think earnings and increasing owned virtual asset value is the core focus, however, it is only a by-product of enticing gameplay. If you don’t bring the fun and camaraderie, the earnings won’t be enough to keep the gamers playing.

How do we make web3 gaming sustainable?

Where do you play your games? As a gamer, I am passionate about the games and platforms I have already committed to — like Steam, App stores, PS Store, Meta, etc. It’s difficult to convince a gamer to take a risk on unproven games and platforms. We need to inch web3 gaming forward in the minds of our target audience by enabling earnings through the games already being played.

So, at HiFi Gaming Society, we’ve integrated steam games for users who acquire mission packs within our platform for specific steam games. The first step is to link your steam account. Our 3rd party gaming libraries continue expanding. You can link certain app-based games like Clash Royale and Brawl Stars.

Why should guilds, gamers, and game developers look into HiFi Gaming Society?

You can link your steam and app store game accounts and earn while playing your off-chain games. We’ve integrated Steam, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars and other offchain gaming environments and we’re currently researching Playstation and MetaQuest game stores. So…..


  • Play and earn on your favorite steam games like Counter Strike: GO, Age of Empires, PUBG, Worms, C&C, and Final Fantasy. Our platform integrates steam’s game library and users can acquire mission packs to begin earning on their favorite off-chain games.
  • We’ve integrated popular games like Clash Royale and Brawl Stars from the app store! We’re looking into MetaQuest and PS gaming libraries as well. HiFi intends to have unlimited games where users can P2E.
  • Create a guild and build your gamer workforce while earning commissions! If you invite your gaming clan/community from Clash Royale or any other games we integrate, you can earn daily commissions for their gameplay.
  • Complete side quests to generate crypto and fiat rewards! We’ll use the advertising revenue created through conversions to buy back $HIFI.
  • HIFI aims to have unlimited game choices where users can P2E.


R&D is underway to shape “as-a-service” offerings for competitions, gamefi, guildfi, gaming publishing/listings, and data. Each designed to sustain our ecosystem with scalable revenue, continuous buyback/burn tokens, and to provide real business value for our customers — gamers, guilds, and game developers.


Play and earn at, but first learn how to link your steam or clash accounts here: