New Website: A New Chance at a First Impression

Greetings Gamers! It has been a crazy 2022 so far around the world and in a much smaller context in crypto. Then there’s that little guy in the corner called Defi, and here at HiFi we are buidling out like mad. We have focused on releasing games, building out compete, and launching a vault, in collaboration with Moon-Vault. All of this is centered around what we have talked with many of you about, and what we feel like we can provide to give you the best service in Defi.

HiFi has done its best to keep its focus steady. With ears constantly in the community, the focus is always about the customer. By the way, when we say customer we are talking about you, and us, and anyone else who comes across this beautiful blockchaining gaming machine we are working hard to build.

All of us are together and we are all seeking a service that takes the pay to win model and shoves a “L” shaped Tetris Block in its face. Who likes paying countless dollars to buy a blue shirt in a game that only feeds the dopamine tracts in our brain? We don’t, and we truly believe that you feel the same. We wanted more, so we decided to create it.

We are Play to Earn on the Blockchain, and we love it.

So here we are. Despite our hard work on publishing games on the platform, vaults to earn you passive income, and compete for you to fight other players in a block chain grudge match, we still want to provide more. We want to give you an experience, not just in gaming but an entire ecosystem. To do that, it has to start with a fantastic landing page and website as a whole. A place we can call our current and future ecosystem home.

Today we want to show you our newest gift to all of us who want to rock it out game style. We have a new website, and it is awesome.

We have worked hard to not only provide you a place to play games but a place to spend time learning what we truly are, and truly want to be. Each aspect of HiFi is thought out, argued about, deliberated, customers are advised with, and people from around this planet are focused on building something that is different and something that is more than unique. We want to build something we can be damn proud of, something that all of us can be proud of. Whether you are a gamer, an investor, a Twitch Streamer, YouTube Watcher, we are working to build a piece of this metaverse for you. In the end it isn’t about us, its about everyone involved. The team isn’t just the people behind the scenes, its all of us, you included, every single person from naysayer to game player.

As I just said three sentences above. We are gamers, we are watchers of content, we are investors, and we are different. Yet, we are all seeking something common. Some place to be, with people like us. We are HiFi Gaming Society, and we are in it together.

With that being said….

We want to welcome you to our new website and hope that you are as proud of it as we are. Thank you to the brilliant devs (Elea, beautiful work) and artists (Ricardo) and project mangers (Peter, that’s you) who worked tirelessly to give this to us. Browse around and enjoy, hope to see you online.

You are right. Group two is way better looking than group 1.

See you in the HiFiVerse and at,

HiFi Out




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HiFi Gaming Society

HiFi Gaming Society

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