How to use the HiFi Gaming Society Guild system?

HiFi Gaming Society
3 min readMay 16, 2022


Let’s guide you through our system. We will show you the full functionality in this article. Please note that, depending on your role in the guild, you might not see all of these screens.

1) Dashboard

This a general overview of the statistics of your guild. There is a short explanation for each of these values on the bottom of the box.

2) Members

Here you can see your guild members and also all pending invites & requests. Something very important to note is that a scholar is not considered a guild member. Scholars shouldn’t be invited as guild member, but rather as scholars in the next window (if you already did, you can always switch afterwards).

What can be done here?

a. You can invite other HiFiVers into your guild

Just search using the Player name and invite!

You can manage your actual members

Choose the role a guild member should have. You can find an overview of the different roles in this article:

3) Scholars

Here you can see and manage your current scholars and your pending invites & requests.
Very important: If a scholar is added here, he isn’t ‘active’ yet. A scholar needs to be added to a guild first and then added to an empty scholar slot to become active.

You can:
a. Invite scholars
The search option here will only show you ‘free gamers’ so you won’t find any ‘HiFiVers’ because they are already earning for themselves ;-).
b. Kick scholars

4) Scholar Management

Here you can manage your scholars on your NFTs. As stated before: only when a scholar gets assigned to a scholar slot on an NFT, will he become active and earn $HIFI for the guild so don’t forget this step!

In this screen, you can also see various stats like how many scholar slots are available on your NFTs and how many are used. You can also see the earnings that have come from a specific NFT. For each of the scholars, you can see their contract conditions and their ‘productivity’ in $HIFI and in Merits.

5) Notifcations

You can see all of your notifications here ;-).

6) Settings

Here you can set your guild settings like the name, the avatar and also some default parameters like the default commission and guild tax.

7) Communications

All communication between guild and all roles that interact with it will happen trough the new ‘Notifications / Messages screen. This will be visible on the ‘Profile’ page.

That’s it! Have fun, earn and stay tuned for the new missions, mission packs, auto compete and much, much more!