🕹 How to Play Games on HiFi Gaming Society+ 🕹

HIFI is required to activate gameplay, rewards, etc, so you can grab some $HIFI in the jungle at ApeSwap at apeswap.finance.

Here is a video to walk thru this process:

*Firefox or Chrome Browser required for desktop gameplay rewards.

*Metamask or Trust Wallet required for mobile gameplay rewards.

1) Install MetaMask Wallet Extension, add Binance Smart Chain

2) When we whitelist you, it allows you to stake HIFI on our platform. please provide wallet address (0x…..) to HiFivers Unite Rep in our Discord channel (Link here: https://linktr.ee/HiFiGamingSociety)

When you arrive in discord, goto #check-in-verification ✅

3) Add $HIFI token to MetaMask

0x0A38bc18022b0cCB043F7b730B354d554C6230F1 ⚡️

4) Grab HIFI at ApeSwap to activate various services on HIFI’s platform. You can pick up HIFI here 🐒:

5) Goto https://hifigamingsociety.org and sign in with beta login.

Reminder, please use Firefox or Chrome 🕹

6) You made it! Welcome to HiFi Gaming Society! 🎁 🎉

7) Now let’s get you staked for gameplay! First, connect your wallet!


8) After wallet is connected, click on dashboard to enter staking menu! 🧬

9) Once connected, press the stake button to stake for PLAY activation.🟢

10) Stake your HIFI, make sure you stake minimum requirement! 🧬

Now you can PLAY!!! 🎮