How to Level Up HIFI NFTs

  • Tier
  • Level
  • Amount of scholars unlocked
  • A direct link to this NFT on our different marketplaces
  • Level
  • Current scholars unlocked
  • Max scholars (fixed, depending on the tier)
  • Tier
  • NFT properties
  • Level (+ expandable overview of the perks/slots an NFT gets with each level — click on the icon next to level)
  • Currently enabled scholar slots
  • Max scholar slots
  • Staking status
  • Total HiFi staked against an NFT
  • Amount of $HIFI staked x time = EXP
  • Staking option
  • You get to keep the $HiFi
  • You get BNB from the sale of an NFT
  • And you get additional BNB based on your $HiFi that is staked against the NFT. You actually get your ROI paid up front! Pretty sweet….




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