HiFi’s MainNet+ Kicks Off Retro Gamers Lifestyle!

THE LAUNCH — A shining 🌞 moment for every crypto, 🔐 defi 💸, and gaming 🕹 community when collective energies unite for one special event!

HIFI was born out of an obsessive idea:

How can gamers harness value from gameplay and take us beyond traditional gaming environments into a universal gaming-centric, participation and reward-based economy?

Inside HiFi Gaming Society, we are at our crossroad to MainNet, and now, it is our time. If we empower our users to generate rewards we will ignite our ecosystem’s true real value — The Gamers, The Farmers, The Investors, The Game Developers, and don’t forget…The Gaming Studios….each of our key stakeholders!

Our partners, our dreamers, and true believers within HIFI communities celebrate our passion for gaming and DeFi enabling us to manifest our gaming innovations. Now it is time to take a breath, rewind, and reset our minds, just for a moment…. to become childlike once again, and play retro video games…..to introduce experience into the realm of Crypto and DeFi! Zoom out and you will see, this is only the beginning.

HiFivers! I am pleased to introduce the HiFi Gaming Society platform.

Our first digital property and onramp for stakeholders is our #GameFi platform to engage users to participate in a bigger HIFI journey to unlock more value in gamification.

Launch Schedule!

We intend to release our product over the coming weeks:

7/30 — We begin with our activation of the PLAY service allowing users to stake to play games.

— we activated EARN service to enable gamers to begin accruing rewards for their gameplay.

Next — we focus on delivering BOOST and Mobile to enable users to accelerate their rewards and play on the go!

Radical Aftermath!

After 🤾‍♀️ PLAY, 💰 EARN, and 🚀 BOOST services are launched and stabilized, we expect momentum as we kickoff our video strategy. Well begin HiFi TV, our streaming channel to help represent why HIFI matters, define our product vision, conduct Video AMAs, celebrate NFTs and Artists, Musicians, and much more!

🌅After core services launch, you can expect our NFT auction/marketplace and game farm layers, and we’ll activate the investment beta community to help us test our DeFi innovations. The NFT’s we auction will represent memberships and avatars for each core user in our platform and ecosystem.

🥳We’re very excited about our HiFiver’s campaign in the spirit of #UNITY bringing our community together weekly to vote on a new game. You can be excited about the value chain we are creating!!!

MainNet Onboarding Process

☑️ Our existing whitelist from our beta program, currently around 200 gamers, will gain access to MainNet first. Overall the program was a success, we learned a ton(!), and we want to continue learning on MainNet.

☑️ We’ll be adding new games weekly from here on out! We will migrate the wallet addresses on our whitelist to create a complimentary experience for our beta users.

☑️After we stabilize gameplay on the MainNet with our PLAY, EARN, BOOST launches, we will use a similar process slowly allowing users from the whitelist onto the MainNet. We have around 500 Gamers! on our waiting list now, depending on how smooth the transition goes, will determine how quickly we can onboard new users.

Tell me more HIFI!!!

🤩We will spend time telling you more about our high score board, rankings, competitions, competitive data analytics, and how we are becoming the Youtube of gameplay! HiFivers! We are only scratching the surface. If you have gotten this far, you are truly lucky because you have found a gem in a product, team, vision, and that makes you a gem and a true HiFiver! 💙

Help Me HIFI!!!

🎗There is so much exciting growth happening, sometimes it is hard to keep up!

🎗If you need help with anything regarding your staking, gameplay, or rewards experiences, HIFI is here to help you!

🎗You can contact us on telegram in any one of our forums or submit a ticket.

Please join our discussions in Telegram. Let’s build HIFI together! HiFiGamingSociety.com