HIFI: Up the Retro Gaming Road

Gaming world, say hello to HIFI Gaming Society, a new gaming platform coming to a metaverse near you.

HIFI is a blockchain-based ecosystem that aims to bring forward-thinking user experiences to the field of P2E gaming, entertainment (HIFI TV) and role-playing NFTs (NFT Journeys). In this blog we look into the first major project in this ecosystem — HIFI Gaming Society.

HIFI Gaming brings a package of winning elements into play, all aiming for creating an ecosystem never found before in traditional gaming. Instead of trying to come up with the hottest new game, HIFI is taking a different course. They are going retro. And why not? Letting users play games that have been popular for years is a winning formula.

Let’s take a closer look at the platform:

What is HIFI Gaming Society?

HIFI is a gaming platform that allows users to compete and play against each other online that already features over 40 retro games. An emerging leader in the Play-To-Earn gaming industry, the ecosystem is powered by a utility token, $HIFI. Built on the Binance Smart Chain it allows the project to optimize the gaming experience with lower transaction fees.

HIFI’s goal is to create pathways for gamers and artists to build a successful career and lifestyle on the blockchain. Simultaneously, HIFI’s platform seeks to attract gaming developers and studios to list classic games and to reactivate them as revenue sources thanks to utilizing HIFI’s reward engine.

Here is what is built into HIFI Gaming:

  • Over 40 retro games
  • The fun experiences which only get better through increased user participation in the ecosystem.
  • Rewardable services where users play to earn
  • A gameplay analytics framework built on the backend

The platform has scheduled the launch of its play to earn gaming platform later this month.

Retro Gaming Meets Play-to-Earn

Users can enjoy a fun gaming experience. Now add to it monetization.

Per TIME magazine, a record 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August, many hopeful for better paying jobs. Many others are exploring side hustles to lead a better life.

What if gaming was a viable added income stream? What if gamers not only received entertainment, but financial incentives? How would that change the dynamics of gaming? What if these incentives allowed everyday players to benefit from participation, not just a few thousand world-class eSports competitors.

With the entrance of cryptocurrencies and play-to-earn gaming platforms like HIFI, this is now a possibility.

While two million players are playing a single game, Axie Infinity, the most popular crypto play-to-earn game to date, HIFI seeks to attracts millions more fans of existing games by housing those games on their platform. The combination of existing gaming, adding onto it the ability to earn could potentially explode into the scope of millions of users or more.

$HIFI is a cryptocurrency token that users can use to buy things in the ecosystem and also they can be rewarded with it for successfully competing. It allows users to also stake the tokens to earn more, adding another layer to this ecosystem, and another passive income stream.

In Beta testing so far, there have already been over 1,000 players and thousands of users have staked the $HIFI tokens. $HIFI tokens also give the rights to community members to vote weekly on which games will be added to the platform. Additionally, the token will be built with deflationary tokenomics, so that value will continue to be added to the ecosystem.

While still in the pre-launch stages, HIFI also boasts a growing social media community with over 5,000 Twitter followers and over 2,000 Telegram members.


Learn more about HIFI by connecting across social media and the web:

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