HIFI successfully launches BOOST & teases BEYOND

⭐️ LEARN ALL ABOUT HIFI AT https://linktr.ee/HiFiGamingSociety

Welcome to HIFI after launch! We are excited to enter the next phase.

If you haven’t, please watch our launch event video to learn all about our ecosystem! It’s free to watch if you follow our channel on twitchhttps://twitch.tv/hifigamingsociety!

If not, we’ll be taking the video and creating clips to share across all of social media.

HiFI Gaming Society is officially launched!!!

We wanted to cover three key areas —

  1. Accomplishments
  2. How do I un-stake from the old game factory contract?
  3. How does Boost Work?

Lets us begin!

1. Accomplishments

✅Gamefactory contract upgraded

✅BOOST service enabled

✅Whitelist removal

✅Password site removed

✅Rewards increased to 100% normal output

✅Mobile wallets, Metamask and Trustwallet Dapps integrated

✅Mobile gaming, New games for mobile and desktop

✅Security policy and workflow updates

✅Various UI bug fixes (e.g. Wallet no longer disconnects on refresh for desktop)

✅Revised roadmap at https://hifigamingsociety.com/litepaper.html

…. but we still have a lot of work! What’s next!?

⭐️ Upcoming PancakeSwap NFT collection…stay tuned!

⭐️ Updated strategic planning and roadmap expansions

⭐️ Daily and weekly competitions

⭐️ Tons more games!

⭐️ Tutorials on how to game HIFI to earn the most rewards!

2. How do I unstake from the old game factory contract?

If you need to unstake from the old game factory contract and restake, here are the instructions. Please contact our help channel for additional support!

3. What is the BOOST service offering and how does it work?

Reward Factors including BOOST (B1, B2, B3)

Boost powers up user’s ability to earn by playing on the platform by increasing the 5 earning criteria of the user by a maximum of 3 levels for the duration of the boost item (staked level will always be set to the level of the boost item that is active).

The maximum earning level you can achieve is determined by the boost item that was purchased. Bronze boost’s maximum is B1, Silver is B2 and Gold is B3.

Maximum earnings per day:

Gold = 522 HiFi

Silver = 252 HiFi

Bronze = 100 HiFi


Gold = up to 167%

Silver = up to 101%

Bronze = up to 86.9%

Starting from launch earnings examples:

*If we set all user levels to 5 until it is implemented…

Gold Boost:

1 qualifying play per day

Day 1 = 107 HiFi *190 HiFi

Max qualifying plays per day

Day 1 = 273 HiFi *356 HiFi

Silver Boost:

1 qualifying play per day

Day 1 = 62 HiFi *100 HiFi

Max qualifying plays per day

Day 1 = 138 HiFi *176 HiFi

Bronze Boost:

1 qualifying play per day

Day 1 = 40 HiFi *52 HiFi

Max qualifying plays per day

Day 1 = 64 HiFi *76 HiFi

There is more to share….soon!

Preview of the upgraded user profile page (highlighting earnings) coming soon!

Our team has been working extremely hard to deliver the launch. We will take a few days to regroup and come back strong next week!





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HiFi Gaming Society

HiFi Gaming Society


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