HIFI Gaming Society: Designed to Touch your Inner Smile

Blockchain and Decentralized Finance have seemingly created a universe in itself for everyone, right from financial enthusiasts to tech nerds to meme lovers. However, it is still lagging a little behind by not completely revolutionizing the gaming sector. After all, gaming is an entire galaxy in the mainstream world, so why leave the gamers behind?

HIFI Gaming Society is out here to convince us that they are making a conscious effort to integrate gaming on DeFi and make it an all-inclusive space. Anyone and everyone can test the waters here and see for themselves that HIFI was mainly designed to touch your inner smiles while capitalizing your time and effort at the same time. Because you know what they say, time is money.

We at HIFI believe in building a close-knit community of blockchain adventures for gamers. We’ll define what it means to be a “blockchain gamer” collectively, and we’ll evolve the present incentive arrangement between gamers, developers, and studios together.

The platform created by the HiFi Gaming Society will accomplish for game makers and creatives what YouTube did for content creators. Consider a collaborative ecosystem where DeFi, gaming, yield, rights management, rewards, and NFTs all come together. All stakeholders in our community of investors, traders, users, gamers, viewers, developers, and studios will perceive great cumulative value!

HiFi is the GameFi P2E platform that combines Metaverse aka a multi-property ecosystem and eventual universe where HIFI’s DeFi and GameFi experiences reward users money for gameplay and adventure.

HIFI is constructing several properties, including HiFi Gaming (Platform), HiFi TV (entertainment network for gaming, NFTs, and Music), and a variety of NFT collections with use cases including Role Playing NFTs (NFT Journeys).

Each property contributes value to core tokenomics, resulting in deflationary growth. High score rankings, competitions, events, challenges, achievements, destinations, and streaming experiences on our HiFi TV property, among other things, are available. The mission of HIFI is to pave the way for gamers and artists to build a career and lifestyle on the blockchain. Something that has already evolved in mainstream media but still has a long way to go on DeFi.

Concurrently, we’re enticing existing game developers and companies to list their older games on HIFI’s incentive engine and reactivate revenue that they may have lost. That way, it would bring traction on both ends.

As of now, the primary objective of handling the super launch of HIFI Gaming includes;

1. Making our critical services (Play, Earn, Boost+) available.

2. Activating the mobile+ mode of play.

3. The Launch of our initial NFT collections

The problem we aim to solve is;

Few DeFi funds have been able to engage their communities and keep them interested. Due to a lack of involvement and difficulty determining active membership, participation and fund values have swung dramatically. The industry requires a method to bring members together to pool finances and keep them engaged month after month. Playing games is the way to go.

The solution we offer;

With gameplay, HIFI encourages active involvement in group-managed pools. It’s a first-of-its-kind combo of gaming and high-definition television. Play a game to mine resources for your wallet!

To use specific aspects of the product, customers will need to stake (deposit) tokens on the network. Users will stake HIFI tokens to:

  • Begin the actual gameplay (PLAY)

A gist of what HIFI has in store

The ecosystem of Tokens: HiFi DeFi balances staking, playing, mining, and eventually voting in a creative ecosystem.

Mining as Gaming: The gaming experience lies at the heart of the HiFi DeFi ecosystem. There aren’t many apps that can keep DeFi community members engaged aside from chat groups like Telegram. HiFi DeFi incentivizes consistent daily participation of all community members through simple retro-themed gameplay with genuine loot drops. Members can play to gain liquid crypto tokens by staking money.

The platform for gaming and beyond: HIFI token holders can play and earn HiFi tokens by participating in daily gameplay, logging into the site, and meeting other reward conditions. The results of gameplay are recorded on the blockchain via a public smart contract. Future analytics, as well as vs mode and community voting, will be developed.

We hope to see you onboard on into our amazing HIFI Verse in development.


You can connect with the HIFI team across social media and the web here:

Medium | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Website




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