HIFI Gaming Society: Designed by Guilds for Gamers to Earn

We’ve come a long way in a short time. As we travel along this journey with you we would like to write a series of short articles to help you understand the progression and roadmap recently released.


As you probably know, there are games and game platforms where you can earn income. The phenomenon is called Play 2 Earn, NFT Gaming.

In this structure, the contract employers are called guilds. The gamers are called scholars. The single skillet is daily gaming/gameplay and it’s automated primarily through gaming systems, blockchain, and NFTs.

HiFi Gaming Society has a gaming library and platform of almost 50 fun and simple games you can play daily to earn income!

The platform tracks your engagement. If you play for about 1 hour per day in the form of missions, you will earn the same amount of income for playing Axie for a full day! HIFI can become a second gig for you while you keep your regular job! Check out a preview of one of our most recent games launched.

All new games are unity-based and provide options for mobile and desktop. Furthermore, the missions and minigames you complete award you with merits on HiFiGamingSociety.org and will lead to the bigger game we’re developing inside our metaverse. We at HIFI are building a local guild in your country for attracting gamers to earn and we’ll also bring on board other existing guilds in your region.


We are removing the earning categories and boost in order to simplify the understanding of how you earn. Instead, we are going to have repeatable daily missions. These missions begin with a 5 missions a day for 10 minutes.

With this new model we will allow the HiFi gaming community to compete for a daily pot of HiFi while still receiving the 51% from staking. Legacy users and early adopters (brave souls like you) will see a huge increase initially in your daily HiFi allotment, so get ready. As this attracts new users, that daily amount will decrease but the value of HiFi will increase as it becomes a more rare asset.


To accomplish this, the earnings model will move towards a pool structure. This structure will encourage those who are playing to compete for the pool rewards. The pool will remain the same daily, so as the platform grows, as does the value of the $HIFI token.


Another important piece attached to this new earnings model is Free to Play. Users can now play HiFi Games without staking in the Play Pool. We believe that this will increase the user base and help with platform growth. What is even better is these players will have limited access to HiFi Rewards as well.

Some basics for the Free Players include:

  • Access a single mission daily and will be rewarded with up to five lottery tickets.
  • Earning up to 25% of the daily rewards for play in the same pool of HiFi as the main platform.
  • To access this pool a raffle pot will be drawn from where one Free Play user will win per day.

This model for Free Play Users will encourage engagement, and will also protect the earnings of the platform users who have already invested and are staking in Earn.

We are users like yourself and we eat, sleep and breath in the HiFi Verse.

The team is dedicated to this project and even when we are quiet we are always in BUIDL mode. As we grow we hope that you are as excited as we are to do so together. We’re making significant progress in our pipeline.


Onboarding Workflow Mockup
Onboarding into Missions


As we begin to bring the guild/gamer functionality online, we’ll introduce a new onboarding workflow leading to the missions experience. We’ll provide additional instructions along with updated documentation in out gitbook.

In upcoming articles, we’ll outline:

  • Onboarding workflow and walk-thru
  • What are merits? Complete Your missions tutorial
  • Into The HIFI-Verse NFT utility enhancements
  • HIFI & NFT starter pack requirements for guilds and gamers


If you want to start gaming for free or begin onboarding, click here.

ARTcade NFT Collection Teaser


Telegram Group: https://t.me/HiFiGamingSocietyPlatform
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HiFiDeFi
Discord: https://discord.gg/GH9XY77yWs
Medium: https://hifigamingsociety.medium.com
Whitepaper: https://hifi-gaming-society.gitbook.io/hifi-defi
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/hifigamingsociety
Gitbook: https://hifi-gaming-society.gitbook.io



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