Game Plans for HiFi Gaming Society 🎮

HiFi Gaming Society
3 min readJun 17, 2021

Welcome to HiFi Gaming Society! HiFi is a retro gaming ecosystem driven by its community. Play games to earn rewards and access boost opportunities!

📰 Here is a brief overview of our product & progress with upcoming events!


The purpose of our platform is to create a fun factory where users can escape the ups and downs of the crypto world. Spend five minutes or five hours playing your favorite retro games, and we’ll reward you for participating. We use mined gameplay and yield staking with an innovative rewards architecture to create a new DeFi gaming experience.


Users need HIFI to use the platform. Stake HIFI tokens to:

1) activate gameplay (PLAY)🎮

2) activate rewards to earn for playing games (EARN)💰

3) buy items to boost rewards (BOOST)🚀

As a user, you can earn rewards (more HIFI tokens) by “participating” in the platform. Participation is based on specific criteria:


How did we get here? We’ve spent months building foundational layers!

💻 Created front end, user interface, and admin panel

🕹 Integrated twenty five games

🤖 Built participation and reward algorithms

📈 Developed system to track user progress and reputation

💎 Defined basic brand style, design system, and “feel” for HiFi Gaming

⏭ Outlined plan for evolving HiFi Society Brand

▶ Developed roadmap plan for initial product launch


What are we doing now? We’re ramping up the launch effort to prepare for initial user adoption!

🖥 Building our website with discovery details about our product, team, lite-paper, and gaming features coming soon!

🔑 Establishing a beta testing community for feedback to improve product. We’ll manage this on discord! 35 signups so far! Auto-signups on website.

🏦 Hired partnerships and business development leaders who will create onramps for 3rd party gaming developers / studios and other business initiatives.

🏗 Expanded community management operations. We have eight moderators supporting all regions.

🧩 We’ll continue creating content for campaigns we want to roll out for product, features, game additions, news. This is ongoing!

🔬We are reaching out to auditors to start reviewing our smart contracts!

📊 We are giving the platform a facelift and evolving the browse menu.

🧮 Meetings on frameworks for accounting and legal compliance

🎯 We’re continuing to interview talent for marketing and content development. Send us inquiries!Planning our approach with game developers/studios.


What comes next? We are preparing for two major events!


  • One week before we begin our beta program, we will open up our discord community to manage the beta testing!


  • With a successful beta test, we will launch shortly thereafter!
  • Join our telegram communities to stay up to date!

HiFi Platform Chat

HIFI Price Chat

HiFi Customer Experience

HiFi Gaming Society News


We only get to make this product a reality because of you.

We will keep building and I can’t express how much gratitude we have for your interest in HiFi Gaming Society. We are grateful and thankful for the support and we’ll continue working as hard as possible to take HiFi to the next level with all of you!