Earn HIFI with 3rd Party Games

HiFi Gaming Society
3 min readJun 20, 2022


HiFi Gaming Society — 3rd Party Game Integrations

We are thrilled to announce gamers will be able to earn $HIFI by playing their favorite games from their favorite platform! At this point, we have a Steam integration and a Supercell (Brawl Stars, Clash Royale) integration. We’ll explain below how this works.

1) What games will you get to play and earn?

Basically, any game that shares its data openly can be integrated with HIFI. This includes off-chain games (like steam games) or on-chain games (any P2E game that shares data with us can be added).

Our community will help us decide which games we add and when. If you would like a specific game, join us on Telegram and tell us!

2) How will you play these games?

That’s the cool thing. Once you have synced your 3rd party account on our platform, you don’t actually have to play ON our platform. This means you don’t have to be connected to the platform while playing. The platform will retrieve 3rd party data every few minutes so all gaming activities will get pulled in and synced.

In some cases, like steam, it is necessary that you adapt some privacy settings in your profile so that our platform can retrieve your gaming stats. For Steam, this is the way to do it:

  1. Go to steamcommunity.com and login into Steam
  2. Go to ‘view profile’
  3. Click on ‘edit profile’
  4. Click on ‘Privacy Settings’
  5. Set following elements to ‘public’: ‘My Profile’, ‘Game details’ and ‘Inventory’

3) How will you earn?

You will actually earn in the exact same way as with the mission system we have created similar to the mini games on HiFi Gaming Society. You unlock mission packs for a game in our catalog and then you will earn a Merit for any mission you complete. This mission pack will consist of one-time missions that are built in into the games and repeatable missions that we create ourselves. We can create any kind of mission as long as it can be measured and tracked.

IMPORTANT: at this moment, you can only earn up to 5 Merits each day but you can complete more than 5 one-time missions. All one-time missions that are completed when the 5 daily Merits are already reached, won’t count anymore to earn Merits afterwards.

4) Is it free?

It will be free at the launch. After a few weeks of testing, players might have to pay a fee to unlock a mission pack for a specific game. This fee will be calculated so that it represents a certain value. We will regularly update these fees so they stay more or less stable in relation to the earnings that can be made.

5) What about Guilds and Scholars?

The specific way to unlock mission packs for scholars will be communicated later! At launch, everyone can test for free anyways!

Have fun HiFiVers!