Big Earnings for P2E Gamers & Investors at HiFi Gaming Society

Calling all gamers and investors, play your way onto the blockchain!

  1. Games are available for play on desktop (PC or MAC) and/or Mobile
  2. We have a total of 30 different games on our platform (

At HiFi Gaming Society, we continually strive to spoil — this time with the luxury of choice and lucrative rewards. There should be no excuse to not be on the platform to start earning your rewards; simply just by having fun.

The rewards from gameplay are not related to the amount of HIFI staked (staking rewards is a new function recently added and will be explained later in this article).

To start earning HIFI as rewards on the platform through gameplay, you will need:

  1. a minimum of 10,000 HIFI staked in EARN, and
  2. 1 qualifying play, defined as game time of at least 10 minutes

As you play, keep a look out for the timer at the top right hand corner of your screen as shown in image above. Once you have achieved playtime of 10 minutes or longer, that qualifies as 1 qualifying play.

Of course, the higher your involvement on the platform, the more rewards you are eligible for. These are calculated based on 6 categories and can earn from each rewards from each of them as highlighted below:

  1. Plays per Day

The number of qualifying plays (sets of 10 minutes play time) achieved. This category resets daily.

2. Total Time Played

Example: you have played 5 different games of 10 minutes each to get to L5 for Plays per Day. This gets you to L4 for this category with 50 minutes (5 games x 10 minutes each) total play time. To get to L5, you have to play an additional 10 minutes to get to 60 minutes play time for the day.

This category resets daily.

3. Previous Earnings

Total amount of HIFI rewards accumulated and unfrozen since day 1 (start) of play. This category does not reset.

This is our first way of rewarding consistent and high levels of involvement on the platform. The quicker and more points you accumulate with time, the more rewards you can earn from this category.

4. Challenges W/L

The number of unique (different) days that you have logged on to the platform.

This is the second way of rewarding consistency. Similarly, this category does not reset. You will be able to continually chalk up HIFI rewards from this category as the number of logins on to the platform increases.

5. User Level

This is currently a work in progress and will be utilised as we introduce more games and features to the platform. For now, all will receive L5 rewards for this category unless you purchased Boost.

If so, you get rewarded according to the tier of Booster that you have purchased.

6. Rewards that you get for staking. I know right — it’s that simple.

Example: you will have to stake your HIFI in Earn to start playing. That will earn you L2 rewards for this category already. Similarly, for one who purchased Boost, you get rewarded according to the tier of Booster that you have purchased.

Most recently, Boost went live! This gives you the opportunity to take your gaming to the next level by powering up your earnings! This comes in 3 tiers:

  1. Bronze,
  2. Silver
  3. Gold

Do note that for Boost to be effective, you need to achieve L3, L4 and L5 for Bronze, Silver and Gold Boosts respectively.

Example: if you have a Gold Boost, you will need to hit L5 in the respective categories for you to be able to receive Gold Boost rewards — 84.74 HIFI instead of 5.05 HIFI.

If you hit L3, you will only be entitled to Bronze tier rewards (16.85 HIFI) and the same applies if you hit L4 — you will be entitled to Silver tier rewards (42.22 HIFI).

Boosts are effective for 30 days and will expire after.

Leverage the User Stats to keep track of your progress in real time and maximize your earnings.

Your level for the respective categories and reward that you are eligible for will be reflected here. This is also a good platform for you to flex your high scores and rewards to your buddies!

Motivate one another to earn HIFI while having fun!

Don’t forget to compound your rewards every 24 hours and add them to Earn to earn passive income!

The more you Play, the more you Earn and the more you can compound to milk that juicy 51% APR dry!

In summary, the gamers’ routine is:

  1. Stake a minimum of 10,000 HIFI in Earn,
  2. Buy a Booster if you want to power up your rewards from gameplay,
  3. Play daily and maximise your levels for more rewards,
  4. Collect rewards from gameplay and staking daily and compound them in Earn for 51% APR
  5. Repeat from step 3

Watch out for our announcements for multiplier events and earn even more juicy rewards!

As an investor, you will be pleased with the introduction of the new staking function now available. This will enable you to earn up to 51% APR on the amount staked in Earn with only 1 easy requirement:

1 qualifying play defined as 10 minutes of play time on the platform daily.

Don’t forget to compound your rewards every 24 hours for bigger rewards every day!

To illustrate how lucrative this is, refer to table below:

Staking rewards (assuming HIFI = $0.0045)

We will be doing a live demo of these mechanisms, clarifying any questions that you guys might have and also bring to you a session of live gaming!

Stay tuned to our socials to get details on our next episode of HiFi TV where we will be covering Play, Earn, Boost in detail, live. You can join us here:

Thank you, HiFivers! Wait until you see our NFTs! ;)

Legendary Tier — Into The HIFI Verse, coming to PancakeSwap NFT Marketplace…stay tuned for NFT Preview
Who wants their NFTs? We do. We do.

In case you missed it above………….Please join our community!




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