Auto-compete launching on HiFi Gaming Society!

HiFi Gaming Society
2 min readAug 26, 2022


We’ve just launched our new auto-compete on our gaming HUB! This means more ways to earn and more ways to have fun!!

What is auto-compete?

Every 24h, there will be a new competition online on HiFi Gaming Society. We will hold competitions in our different games and game types. This means it can be mini-games, steam games or other 3rd party games like Clash Royale and Brawl Stars. The competitions can have any format. Some will be high score based and some might track the accumulation of a certain stat, like play time or total kills done. There will be daily competitions but also weekly and monthly competes with extra prizes!

How does auto-compete work?

You enter a competition, you try to get a top-X position and you will get rewarded with Merits! The Merits earned through auto-compete will come on top of your mission or quest Merits. This means auto-compete can help you earn more than 5 Merits each day and claim a bigger share of the daily rewards pool!

What’s next?

After 24h auto-compete, we’ll also launch leaderboards that can make you earn even more Merits! When our userbase grows more, we might also choose to run multiple competitions simultaneously.

Other than that, we will also start hosting private competitions and even develop wager functions where HiFiVers can bet on the outcome of our competes… 🤩