Increase $HIFI rewards with Quests

HiFi Gaming Society
2 min readAug 12, 2022


Today we have launched a new way to earn Merits at

What are quests?

A quest is a task that other companies (games, apps, …) publish on our platform because they want users to try their applications. A quest can involve a download, a certain progress to be achieved, or a purchase. Some are easy and quick while others will require several hours of gameplay, possible more, on a 3rd party game.

How do quests increase merits earned?

Considering Quests usually require more effort, completing them might take several days or weeks. Quests are different than missions. They don’t reset every day like missions. The biggest differences:

  • Merits for completing a Quest will get rewarded on the day you have completed it, even if it takes you a few days or weeks.
  • Merits earned from Quests come on top of your mission-Merits. That means the total maximum amount of Merits will be higher than 5 on the day you complete a Quest.

The amount of $HIFI you will make with these quest depends on the day you complete the Quest as you will claim a bigger share of the total reward pool, but the value depends on the amount of total Merits that have been earned that day by all users combined.

Why complete quests?

Quests helps us promote our ad partner’s network and they reward us.

  • The advertiser gets access to our user-base
  • HiFi gets paid for each Quest completion
  • The user will get rewarded in the form of extra Merits and $HIFI rewards

HiFi will use the revenue generated to either buy back HiFi off the market, creating buy pressure in the process, or add extra liquidity for growth.